Marion residents will tell you that it’s the community spirit that makes a difference. It’s the community that turns out every year to stage and attend fund raising dinners and festivals, that volunteers to help finish the new football stadium in time for the first home game, and that gets together for block parties and car pools.

It’s the community where the Methodist church opened its doors and shared its premises with the neighboring Baptist congregation when the Baptist church burned to the ground. It’s the community where the volunteer fire department worked to earn a Class IV insurance rating, the best rating of any community in Arkansas served by a volunteer department. It’s a community where volunteers put up playground equipment in city parks, where more volunteers are coaching softball and baseball and football.

It’s our community spirit that makes the difference.

It’s a community where social seasons are marked by the Methodist turkey dinner, the First Assembly spaghetti dinner, and the first and last days of school. It’s a community where children come home from school and head outdoors to play, secure in the knowledge that if they’re out of their parents’ sight, a neighbor will be looking after them.

It’s a community that’s experienced tremendous growth, and is poised on the edge of even greater growth.

It’s a community that 12,000 people are pleased and proud to call …..”home.”

Sultana Heritage Festival

RR Crossings

There will be closings at the railroad crossings next week, beginning Tuesday 4/19, to replace crossties. The crossings will be closed one at a time, for at least one day at a time each. The order of closings will be: Jackson Street, Military Road, Medel Marconi. All repairs should be completed by Friday 4/22.

Garbage Pickup News

Beginning Week of May 4, 2015 the City of Marion will offer CURBSIDE RECYCLING PICK-UP!

Same pick-up schedule as your household trash pick-up - Recycle bags and additional information available at City Hall (870.739.5410) or at the Water Department (870.739.3073)

Recyclable materials only - Paper/Cardboard, Glass, Plastic Aluminum

Water Department

Pay your water bill online at www.xpress-pay.com

Water bill auto pay available at no charge…call 870-739-3073 or Email us Here

Used Tire Disposal

Tire disposal is available for both businesses and residents.

The hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 to 3:30.

There is no charge at the time of service, but there will be bills sent out quarterly for each tire.

The tire prices are: $1.75/passenger tires; $5/semi-truck tires; $26/ implement tires.

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