Advertising & Promotions: Mayor Frank Fogleman, Councilman David Bigger, Councilman Jim Spence, Khalil Nashaat, Loretta Tacker, Stacy Wing, Debbie Elmore

Code Enforcement: Councilman Bryan Jackson, Councilwoman Sherry Holliman, Councilman Cliff Wood, Dept. Head Jerry Kelley, Mayor Frank Fogleman

Economic Development Committee: Mayor Frank Fogleman, Councilman Cliff Wood, Councilman Jim Spence
Finance Committee: Councilman Cliff Wood, Mayor Frank Fogleman, City Clerk David Rikard, City Bookkeeper Tami Tackett

Parks & Recreation: Councilman Cliff Wood, Councilman Bryan Jackson, Councilwoman Sherry Holliman, Dept. Head Andy Rawls, Mayor Frank Fogleman

Planning Commission: Councilman Cliff Wood, Councilman Jim Spence, Mayor Frank Fogleman

Police & Fire Committee: Councilman David Bigger, Councilman Cliff Wood, Judge Mike Stephenson, Police Chief Gary Kelley, Fire Chief Woody Wheeless, City Attorney James Hale III, Mayor Frank Fogleman

Sanitation Committee: Councilman Bryan Jackson, Councilwoman Sherry Holliman, Dept. Head Gordon Floyd, Mayor Frank Fogleman

Streets & Drainage Committee: Councilwoman Sherry Holliman, Councilman David Bigger, Councilman Bryan Jackson, Dept. Head Gordon Floyd, Mayor Frank Fogleman

Water& Sewer Committee: Councilman Jim Spence, Councilman David Bigger, Dept. Head Jim Shempert, Mayor Frank Fogleman

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Garbage Pick-Up News


No pick-up Monday & Tuesday, 12/25 & 12-26. Make-up days will be 12/27 & 12-28, then normal schedule on Friday.

New Years Day

No pick-up on Monday 1/1. Make-up day will be 1/2.

The City of Marion has begun utilizing a one-arm truck for trash pick-up, meaning that cans will be picked up by the arm of the truck.

Residents are asked to take extra care to be sure your garbage can is placed close to the road and out of the way from anything that would block the truck arm movement, including vehicles, mailboxes, etc. Garbage and recycling pick-up schedules remain the same.

If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 870-739-5410.

City Street Lights
To report a problem with a city street light, contact Gail at City Hall - 870-739-5410 and reference the pole number found on the street light pole.
Water Department

Pay your water bill online at

Water bill auto pay available at no charge…call 870-739-3073 or Email us Here

Used Tire Disposal

Tire disposal is available for both businesses and residents.

The hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 to 3:30.

There is no charge at the time of service, but there will be bills sent out quarterly for each tire.

The tire prices are: $1.75/passenger tires; $5/semi-truck tires; $26/ implement tires.

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